Monday, July 3, 2017

WEEK #101 - Cheyenne Mountain YSA

Hey everyone! It has been another awesome week!
On Monday, our district went down south and went hiking! The hike that we wanted to do was blocked off temporarily so we decided to do another hike called Helen Hunt Falls. It was a short hike to the top but was really pretty. Our district is really awesome so that makes it fun when just being with them.  We also set up my hammock and got some good pictures.

We all went and got root beer floats and then headed to dinner. We had dinner with Laura Coke at Mod pizza and that was really good. For FHE, we did a service project where we made cookies for each other and wrote them a nice note. It was pretty cool!
On Tuesday, we went and did service at the YMCA and pulled weeds around the front. Later, we had a good lesson with Samantha! We went with Sister Anderson and Sister Miller, Sabrina, and the zone leaders. Samantha was pretty weak and had to lay against the wall while we taught her. We found out that she lives in the pikes peak ward and so we transitioned her over to the sisters. We also received permission from President Rehm to have her baptized quickly because we aren't sure how long she has left. So we were able to have an interview at set her baptism for Wednesday. After the lesson we were helping Samantha walk to her car but she couldn't get the strength to stand so I had to carry her down the steps to Sabrina's car so she could get a ride. After that, we went to an appointment that we had set up with an investigator, but they had cancelled on us so we ended up heading to dinner. Dinner was in Monument with the ward clerk so we had to drive up there. It was super delicious! Then we went back to the church and met the Sisters to help make the programs for Samantha's baptism.
On Wednesday, we went contacting at UCCS and had a good time there! We got to talk to a lot of people. There was this one guy who came jogging around the corner and so I took off with Book of Mormon in hand and ran next to him and tried to talk to him but he just told me to F off and so I stopped running haha. It was pretty funny. We then went and played bingo at the turner house and that was awesome. Right after that, we went to zone conference. This one was a goodbye zone conference for President and Sister Rehm! They have finished their 3 year mission as mission president and wife! We got to learn from them one last time and then got to give them our goodbye hugs. After the conference, we hurried to Samantha's baptism! For such short notice to the ward there were a lot of people there! It was probably one of the most spiritual things I have witnessed. Samantha was on the ground against the wall. Sister Anderson carried her into the font and then Elder Nelson got to baptize her. I was able to confirm her after she was baptized as well. It was such a great time.

Then we had dinner with the Allreds and the Mt. Herman Elders! It was really good. Then it was Sister Anderson's birthday and so we went to the church and celebrate for her by taking root beer shots haha.
On Thursday, we had a pretty good day. We did some studies and then wet to the mission office to drop off some stuff. Afterwards, we did our weekly planning. We had a great lesson with Anitra about the gospel of Jesus Christ and she loved it. We were really bold with her and she was intrigued! It was great. We had dinner at Papa Murphy's and then headed to institute! It was pretty awesome:) we learned a lot. Then we went with the other YSA missionaries and left balloons and a sticky note on President Rehm's door before they left Colorado. Then we exchanged with Mt. Herman.
On Friday, we had a good district meeting in the morning. Our district is the best. We had a great lunch afterwards too and then Elder Smith and I went down south to knock on some doors. We saw a tank and took an awesome picture with it:)

We were able to find a new investigator down there and it was awesome! We had dinner with James Jackmon and the sisters at the church and had some awesome chicken and macaroni and cheese. For the mingle that night, we had an awesome activity planned. They had a big water fight and we got to participate! We had an investigator show up too! His name is Ben and he is awesome. It was so much fun.
On Saturday, we went contacting downtown at Acacia park and set up some slack lines for some people to try out! it was really cool and a unique way to find people to teach. However, there was this one homeless girl who only had a shirt and underwear on that tried to do the slack lines and it was pretty awkward for everyone. Haha. We had lunch at the Skirted Heifer which is a really awesome burger place. We went tracting later on in the day and were able to find someone whop really wants to learn more about the Book of Mormon! That was awesome. We had dinner with Spencer Pirzadeh and John Bahr and that was really fun. Then we met with a member, Nick, at the church and wrapped up the night.
On Sunday, we had a good meeting in the morning for ward council and church was really great too. Afterwards, we went contacting with Gilbert and the sisters at memorial park and met some really awesome people. Then we came back and met with some other missionaries to coordinate YSA efforts in the family wards. So I got to see Elder Perrins again because he is in a ward that we cover! That was really cool. We made ourselves dinner and then went to the Work of Salvation Fireside where we got to meet President Stevenson for the first time! It was a great week and I love you all!

Elder LaRose

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