Monday, June 26, 2017

WEEK #100 - Cheyenne Mountain YSA

Hey everyone! This week has gone by pretty slow but that's usually hat happens during the first week of the transfer.
On Monday, Elder Nelson and I went and got haircuts in the morning at Paul Mitchell hair school. They usually do a good job. We went and emailed and then went to lunch. We met up with the rest of our zone at cottonwood park and had a good time there.

We played some basketball with a group of kids that challenged us and that was pretty fun. I stuffed this one kid really hard haha. We signed transfer journals and stuff like that and then went to dinner. FHE was really fun too. They had water balloon volley ball going on and it was a good game but actually ended up into a huge water fight. The missionaries were all over it and I got soaked. I got a bucket of water and threw it all over Sister Anderson and Jhazmine Haha then someone blindsided me with a huge bucket of water haha it was a lot of fun.
On Tuesday, we had transfers and I got to say goodbye to Elder Nelson. He was a great companion. I was on exchanges with Elder Burrows and we went and had a lesson with Samantha. It was a great lesson and we were able to help her feel that peace. She is going through more treatments and they are taking toll on her. We were able to set a baptism date with her for July 15th! She is so prepared to have the gospel! She has the most incredible faith that I have ever seen. She is learning to trust that The Lord really does have a plan for her. We had to help her stand up and walk to her car because of how weak she is feeling. It was a good lesson. Then we got back and met our companions! I got to meet Elder Johns. He is from Fredericksburg, Iowa and has been on his mission for about 20 months. I am looking forward to these last 6 weeks! We wet and did service at the YMCA and they had us sand down a fence to get it ready to paint. After that we went to the store and got Elder Johns some groceries we were supposed to have another lesson with Bernadette but we showed up to a note on the door that was pretty mean. We jut laughed it off and said "oh well" and headed home.
On Wednesday, We had a lesson out in Falcon with some of the sister missionaries out there that are teaching this YSA age girl. The lesson was awesome and filled with the spirit. She has already been reading the Book of Mormon and is super awesome. The member's house we had the lesson at had a son that introduced Tori (the girl) to the gospel. It was so awesome. We came back to the Springs and played some bingo with the people at the Turner house. Afterwards, we went and had another lesson with Samantha. We met her at UCCS and were able to find a study room. We talked a lot about how she is doing and taught her about the Restoration and about the priesthood. We were able to giver her a Priesthood blessing too. It was so powerful and Samantha truly felt the Spirit and peace come over her. We had a lesson with an investigator but they weren't there when we showed up. Our next lesson was with AJ and Sean Kenner and that was good. They are some pretty awesome people. We came back home and had a late dinner after that.
On Thursday, We had to drive some Elders down to the mission office in the morning. While we were there, we got a call from Samantha. She found out that her cancer is terminal and that they want her to kind of just live it out. They gave her from as little as 10 days to a couple months to live. It is really hard news for her to hear and she is struggling with all of it but has such incredible faith. She sure knows that God has a plan for her. We had a lesson later that afternoon with Lexi and that was good too. We did some weekly planning and then had dinner. Institute was really good too. We talked about Charity. In Moroni 7:44 it talks about meekness and lowliness of heart. That is actually a huge part of Charity. Being meek is an important prerequisite to having charity! Charity is an important prerequisite to our salvation as well. It was a great lesson.
On Friday, we had a good district meeting and then had lunch together. We then went to UCCS and talked to the students there on campus. We ran into a couple of members too! Afterwards, we did some finding and were able to have a couple people invite us back. That was really awesome. We had dinner with Gilbert at Chick-fil-a and that was awesome. For the mingle, we got to go hiking with all the YSAs at Ute Valley park. That was really fun:)
On Saturday, We had a pretty good day. We went downtown and went contacting there. afterwards we went tracting for a good while and were actually able to have a really great lesson with these two guys from Alabama that had just moved in. We had good talks and the lesson was like 2 hours long! They had a lot of questions that were really good and we were able to answer them all really well. We had dinner at Sister Evans house and it was great.
On Sunday, we had a good day at church! There were a good amount of people there. Things are thinning out for sure with summer being here. There are a lot of people that are gone. After church we went with Gilbert and the sisters contacting at memorial park. When we got there we got to have a lesson with Samantha over skype. We found out that she actually lives in the Sister's ward boundaries so we had a transition lesson there. Because of the seriousness of Samantha's condition, we were able to talk to President Rehm and he gave permission for her to be baptized as soon as we teach her everything. So we are thinking that this next week she should be able to be ready:) We went contacting around the park and were able to have some pie with a pastor that was celebrating his birthday haha. We then had dinner again with Mike and Randi and that was awesome as always. It was a good week.
Thanks for all the support from everyone!! Love you all

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