Monday, July 10, 2017

WEEK #102 - Cheyenne Mountain YSA - SAW MY FAM!

Hey everyone! This past week was such a great week!! It's probably the most interesting week of my whole mission haha. Also, shoutout to Mom, Tony, and McKayd for having birthdays
On Monday, we woke up really early in the morning to drive to Manitou Springs and hike the incline!! I got to meet my mom, dad, and McKayd there! McKayd entered the MTC this week so we were able to get permission for me to see him before he left!! It was so cool but really weird at the same time haha. I would look to one side and see my family and the other side and see the missionaries haha two of my worlds were colliding. The incline was really fun! I didn't try to race up it this time and stuck with my family the whole way up. The view was great:)

We left and showered at the church and then emailed really quick before we met back up with my family at Mod pizza. We then drove to a park where the other missionaries were. I got to hang out and talk with my family and we got to play some volleyball together too. It was all of the LaRose's on one team and I'm pretty sure we were undefeated. Dinner was at Hu Hot and it was delicious. The Wolins joined us there too:) Afterwards, we took mckayd with us to FHE with the YSAs. It was pretty awesome to have him there. We had a nonmember show up and that was really sweet.
On Tuesday, we woke up early again and went straight to Monument for the 4th of July parade! We got to work the booth for an hour and that was cool. It was slow at first and then things picked up. McKayd and I were able to talk to a lot of people and twice the booth people told us to stay in our booth area haha. It was awesome. Then we got to go and march in the parade and hand out candy to everyone! Mc and I were on the sides the whole time passing out tons of candy and pass along cards haha it was great.

We went to the church building for lunch after that and then had to say goodbye to each other. It was hard but I know that Mc will do great in Singapore and will change many lives. Crazy to think that this time has come! Now there are 2 Elder LaRoses out there:) We drove to Fox Run park and met up with all of the YSAs that were there. It was really fun to be there with them. For dinner we went to Steak and Shake with the district and then went to memorial park to go contacting and talk to all the people there. We got to watch some of the fireworks too!
On Wednesday, we got to go and visit some people and played some bingo with the old people at the turner house. We did a lot of finding down south and then had dinner with the Harlines and that was great. Their mother was there and it was good to meet her too.
On Thursday, we drove down to the office for an emergency transfer! We are getting another companion with us and are covering the Mount Herman YSA ward as well. Elder Johannesson is our new companion and it is going to be awesome! I am looking forward to more work and it will be great. We went weekly planning for a little bit and then our car was having some difficulties and so we had to switch it in for a different one. We made ourselves dinner before institute.
On Friday, We had a welcome tour with President Stevenson and that was good. I believe that they will take great care of the mission over the next 3 years. It was raining really hard for a little bit and so we met afterwards to have a mini district meeting. Then we went to UCCS and went contacting for a little bit. We were going to go and see Anitra with the family ward missionaries. Unfortunately, she wasn't there when we had set our return appointment. We went to dinner at Dairy Queen and then showed up for the mingle. We played volleyball and then headed out for the night.
On Saturday, we went to stop by someone we had met before and they weren't home unfortunately. We went contacting at Cottonwood Creek Park and were able to talk to a few of the people that were there. We had a great first lesson with Petula! She had read a little bit from the Book of Mormon and was saying "Why don't more people know about this??" it was really awesome! We are excited for her growth! Dinner was in northern Springs and then we also got invited over to a house for some catfish too! It wasn't too bad haha.
On Sunday, we had ward council with both wards. Church was really good too and Jake was able to make it there! That was really cool. We had a lesson with Daniel Alworth afterwards and then had dinner with the Lorenc's. Another lesson with a less active, Daniel DeFord and then a lesson with Dara before we wrapped it up for the night. It was a great week:) I love you all and thanks for all the support!

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Elder LaRose

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