Monday, July 31, 2017


Hey everybody! It's crazy to think that this will be my last weekly email on my mission! I am so grateful for all of your support and the experiences that I have had here. It has been an incredible last week here in Colorado Springs.
On Monday, we went to the church in the morning and played some games there with Gilbert and the sisters. We played water war, that card game from the tonight show. Then, we were able to have someone take all of us to the top of Pikes Peak! 

A member of the YSA had their mom take us up:) it was so much fun! The drive was beautiful the whole way up and towards the top, it looked like you were just driving into the sky! Our ears were popping the whole way up. The mom who drove us warned us that she had depth perception issues and that really made the whole car ride interesting. We kind of thought we were going to die at some points where she would cross the yellow line haha. We made it to the top and it was gorgeous! It was mostly clear up there but there were big dark clouds looming closely. There is a gift shop up there and we got to go and check things out. The dark clouds kept coming in and the hair on Sister Anderson's head was sticking up because of the static electricity in the air! We got some good pictures and then headed down because it was starting to rain and there were lightning warnings. We drove back in a hailstorm for a minute and then it was just raining. Part way down the road, they stop every car and check the brakes and make you pull over and cool off in your brakes are over 300 degrees. When it was our turn, they scanned us and our brakes were 680 degrees! The mom didn't use the engine to break and so we had to cool down for about 45 minutes and so we went into their other gift shop and messed around. We made it back alright and had a couple minutes to email and stuff. FHE was pretty good too! We played a fun matching game thing.
On Tuesday, I got to go on exchanges with Elder Williams! We had a great day there too. We did some service at the YMCA and then picked up one of the young men to teach with us. It was a great day of teaching and then we got to go and teach some members that were back from Saudi Arabia. They wanted to have their son taught the lessons by the missionaries so we taught him all of the first 3 lessons :)
On Wednesday, we started off by going to UCCS and had a good time there! 
Then we went to the turner house and played bingo with the tenants for the last time! They were all so nice and were sad to see me leave! We had a lesson with Daniel at the church and read the scriptures with him because he didn't read our last commitment. After that we went and helped a person in the sister's ward move out. For dinner we went to Rudy's and got to meet Elder Henning and his companion there and the sisters came too. It was super good and was great to see them. We then went to the church for correlation with the Mt. Herman ward mission leader. As we were leaving, we saw Spencer Pirzadeh leaving too and he was like "boys, get in my car I need to vent" haha and so we got in his car and he told us about all the drama he was going through with girls haha it was a good talk
On Thursday, we deep cleaned our apartment in the morning because if inspections and headed down to the Bishop's Storehouse and helped out there. After we were done there, we weekly planned and discussed everyone that we had been working with. We then met with the elders and sisters over some of the family wards and that was really good. We hope that it will help with the disconnect between the YSAs and the family wards. Dinner was with the Allreds and it was great! Then we drove to institute and had a great lesson there:)
On Friday, we got a call in the morning from the sisters because Sister Anderson got pretty sick that night and she needed a blessing. So we went over and got to do that. We had district meeting in the morning but before that we showed up and made cardboard coffins for Sister Anderson and I because your last district meeting is known as your funeral haha. 

Elder Johannesson conducted the district meeting and it was super great:) we went to UCCS again and handed out free lemonade. After that I went and said bye to Evan McHardy who is super awesome! We had dinner at the church with the sisters because both our dinners cancelled so we just ordered a pizza. The mingle was pretty fun and we just played volleyball but it was a great time. I got to say bye to a bunch of people there.
On Saturday, it was July 29th which means that two years ago I entered into the MTC in Provo and started my mission there! Crazy! In the morning, we went and taught James Jackmon and had a great lesson. He is working towards getting a temple recommend and is super great. We had lunch with the Paige's out in Peyton and that was awesome:) they fed us some good ribs haha. We came back and went contacting for a little bit and then I went home to start packing up my stuff!! We had dinner with the sisters again and then went down to memorial park. A little while ago I had seen that they were doing a color run down there and so I signed our district up to volunteer and throw color at the runners. When we got there, we met the guy running the thing and apparently he is a member and so we got t shirts and he set us up at a good spot to throw color. 

It was so much fun! We got to cake all of the runners and then got to throw the color at each other too haha. After the runners were done, they told us to go to the stage where the DJ was and we got to throw T-shirts and color packets into the crowd. He gave us a shout out telling everyone that we were missionaries and we love doing service. We got to go in the crowd with buckets and everyone loved it. We drove back and cleaned ourselves up from all the color. Haha it was a great night.
On Sunday we had a great time at church. It was great to be around everyone and I got to say some more goodbyes there. We then went contacting with Gilbert and the sisters down at memorial park. That was really fun and we were able to hand out 3 copies of the Book of Mormon to some kids there. We came back and then drove to dinner with the Lorenc's and it was great! I am going to miss them. We got to go over to the Evans and roast s'mores with them and the sisters. It was a lot of fun. 

Then we drove up to monument and had a great lesson with Dara. I realized part way through that these are the final lessons that I will be teaching as a missionary. When I was bearing my testimony I kinda tested up and it was really powerful. That was it for the night and then we came home.
Today we will be going to hike Stanley Canyon on the Academy and then going to FHE. Tuesday is going to be transfer day and on Wednesday we will go to the temple and then on Thursday I will get picked up by my family!!!
I am so grateful for who these two years have shaped me to become.  I wouldn't trade the experiences I have had here for anything. I will love the people of Colorado for the rest of my life and am so grateful for the many friends that I have made here. I know that what I have been teaching is true! I know that the fullness of the gospel is restored to the earth today through the Prophet Joseph Smith and that the Book of Mormon is the very evidence of this and that it is truly the word of God. Thank you to all who have followed me through this adventure of a lifetime. I love you all and will see you soon!

Elder Kyler LaRose

Aug 3rd @ 11am. Monticello 1st Ward, Monticello, UT (Stake Center)

Aug 20th @ 9:30am. Madison Ward, Madison, CT


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