Monday, April 24, 2017

WEEK #91 - Cheyenne Mountain YSA

Hey everyone! We have had such a busy week! It has been great.
On Monday, we hiked the incline as a district in the morning and that was super fun! This was my 3rd time doing it. I timed myself all the way up and was able to do it in 39 minutes! It's pretty hard. I got up there about 15 minutes before the next missionary and so I got to watch all of them finish. It was a great day. Once everyone was up, we hiked a little further and went to this place called Eagle's Nest. We scrambled over some rocks to get to the top and the view was amazing. We hiked back down the Bar Trail and then all went to lunch at Rudy's to celebrate our accomplishments.

After all of that, we emailed and then went shopping before dinner. We had dinner with Gilbert again! he is so awesome. FHE was pretty cool. We had a good lesson in the beginning, but they were going to watch a movie and so we had to leave. 
On Tuesday, we had service at the YMCA and helped out the staff there by cleaning windows and wiping off the handrails around the track.
  Afterwards, we went and had a lesson with one of our investigators Dennis. We found him a week or two ago at the park when we were walking around. We had a great lesson about the Restoration and at the end, invited him to be baptized and he said yes! Unfortunately, he is not YSA age and we will have to have a transition lesson with the family ward missionaries. We went and saw some more people and then headed out to dinner. Josh Peterson had us over at his home for dinner and it was great. 
On Wednesday, we took some time to clean up our apartment and then went over to the Turner House to play bingo with the old people. We went and did some visits with Talon and stopped by a couple of less active YSA members that he knows. We went and visited a guy named Cody and he was very open to meeting with us! We were able to set a return appointment and had a good talk. We visited another guy with him and he was also interested in having the lessons, so we set an appointment on Sunday. Dinner was up in Black Forest with the Harlines. They are super awesome and make great food. We came back and cleaned the rest of our apartment. The Sisters pranked us by putting a creepy nutcracker on our doorstep that made Elder Luker scream haha so we will get them back.
On Thursday, we had our apartment inspections and passed with a celestial score! for lunch, we met with Taylor Tamacori at Denny's and had some great food. We weekly planned for a good while and then I had to prepare a talk. I was asked to speak in sacrament meeting. Gilbert took us to Albertacos for dinner. Institute was after and it was a great lesson. I love going to institute and feeling the spirit there. 
On Friday, we had a great district meeting and Elder Wallace taught the lesson on the power of the spirit in conversion. 
After that, we drove down to southern springs to go and contact a referral that we had gotten. We had another lesson set with Dennis and this time, we contacted the family ward missionaries. I am confident that the teaching will go well because it is Elder Lloyd and Elder Pexton, the APs that will be teaching Dennis. We taught him a good lesson about the Plan of Salvation and he received it really well. Afterwards, we went and helped out an elementary school set up for an event that they were hosting. Our dinner canceled and so we made stuff on our own. We had a mingle that night too and played some basketball and board games. There were a good amount of people there. There was also a temple trip going on for the wards and so the sisters got to go and left their car in the church parking lot. For no reason we checked to see if it was unlocked and it was!! It was payback time. We went and got dry erase markers and wrote all over the car inside jokes and funny statements.

On Saturday, we did service as a district and helped pick up trash along a trail for Earth Day. It was snowing in the morning, rained in the afternoon, and was sunny and warm haha. We went and did some contacting with Gilbert and then met with one of the YSAs to go over their list of friends. Dinner was at the Allreds and we got some great Chili. We continued out stop bys after that and then I finished my talk for Sunday. 
On Sunday, we had ward council in the morning and that was a good meeting. We helped set up the gym before church started too. My talk went pretty well I think. I talked about 5 things we can do to overcome our trials. They were: Courage, Perspective, Preparation, Perseverance, and Obedience. I tied a funny acronym into the talk for people to remember the 5 things. Think of C3PO! That's one way to remember it haha. When we focus on those things, we can overcome the trial that will always come our way. After church there was a linger longer with food for everyone. Then, We went with Gilbert to go contacting and we met these people at memorial park that were totally wanting to bash with us. It was a little frustrating and the Spirit told me not to argue, but I ignored it a little bit and disputed some things. We left on good terms but I was still frustrated at their blindness. Then, we met a really nice man who was interested! He took a copy of the Book of Mormon and we got all of his information so that we can have the lessons! So it was probably the Lord leading him to us saying Elder LaRose needs to learn how to teach by the spirit again haha. It was a great week! We have been working really hard. Thanks for all the support and I hope you all have a great week!

Elder LaRose

6480 Honey Grove Apt. 105
Colorado Springs, CO 80923

Monday, April 17, 2017

WEEK #90 - Cheyenne Mountain YSA

Hey everyone! it has been a crazy busy week and we are dead tired.
On Monday, we had fun with the district and hiked Pulpit Rock. It is a nice easy hike and we had a great time.Elder Stark got to come with us! 

I also got a haircut that day at Paul Mitchell Hair School and it was good. We had dinner on our own and then went to FHE. We had a lesson on using your talents for good and then we played Jimmy Fallon games! We played Box of Lies which is where you have a board in between you and another person. You have an object in front of you and you have to describe it to the person and they have to decide if you are lying or telling the truth. It was awesome.
On Tuesday, we had an awesome zone conference where we got to see a ton of missionaries and get spiritually uplifted:)

Afterwards, we went out and did some finding and then had dinner with Michael and Marly in 5th ward! That was super awesome. Unfortunately, we didn't get to stay for too long because we had to drive out in the boonies to meet with the Relief Society President and go over some names with her. That was really good and she is going to be inviting a lot of people. 
On Wednesday, we went and Elder Luker had to register for stuff for his school. Then we went to the old people home and played more bingo. I actually got a blackout before all of them but I didn't tell them. They rubbed their bingos in my face though. haha it was fun. After we did some finding, we went to the AF Academy and waited for an appointment we had with a cadet but they didn't come. We went to MOD pizza for dinner with Nathan and then met with Miriam to go over the lists we got. This is going to be a great initiative. I got an email from President Rehm that said "you're the right man in the right place for this initiative."
On Thursday, we did service at the YMCA and then did some weekly planning. Dinner was with Mason Thatcher and he took us out to eat and brought one of his friends along! we got to have a good lesson about Easter and the Resurrection. We had institute that night and it was really good! Brother Palmer does a great job. We talked about having the faith to go and make it happen. We then met with Laura to go over the YSA lists and she is reaching out to an individual.
On Friday, we had a great district meeting and President and Sister Rehm came and joined us. We are doing really well as a district and it was great. Then we met with Talon after Lunch and did the same YSA list thing. He is going to go with us to invite these less active YSA people to have the missionary lessons. We helped set up for a homeless banquet and then had a lesson with an investigator and that was really good! Kristen Mason came with us and was awesome. For dinner, we picked up two cadets, Ben and Jack and got some pizza. It was really awesome. The mingle was fun, we played volleyball and hung out with the YSAs. We got to talk with a lot of nonmembers that came from the other wards.
Saturday was really great. We spent the morning serving an Easter lunch to the homeless people. that was cool. I was in charge of stocking the tables with utensils and place mats when spots cleared up. We went and contacted people at a park in Fountain and then went tracting and had some great lessons! We had dinner with Gilbert at Texas Roadhouse and that was awesome. Then we had to drive 40 minutes out to the boonies and met with Lindsey and Kynzee to go over more lists. It was a good drive and really productive.

On Sunday, we had Ward Council, and a great time at church. We went park contacting too and talked to a lot of great people about the easter message. It was a great Easter Sunday. We had dinner at the Thompsons and then made it to the fireside that they were having at the stake center. Then we gave a blessing to one of the Sister's investigators to help him quit smoking.Sorry if things seem kinda rushed in this email, we had less time. Love you all so much and have a great week! 

Elder LaRose

6480 Honey Grove Apt. 105
Colorado Springs, CO 80923

Monday, April 10, 2017

WEEK #89 - Cheyenne Mountain YSA

Alright everyone! I don't have a whole lot of time to write this time so I will have to recap the week in shorter terms!
On Monday, we had a great pday! the zone met up for lunch at a members house and that was awesome. Then, we went to the Olympic Training Center afterwards and that was so awesome. We got some souvenirs at the store there and then headed back up to the church to play some sports.

 Then, Gilbert took us to dinner before we went to FHE. At FHE, we had a lesson about what we learned at General Conference. For the activity, we got in groups and made videos for different categories. Our group had all the missionaries and some other members and our topic was comedy. So we made a video of funny and awkward missionary moments haha. It was pretty awesome.

On Tuesday, it snowed pretty good and they told us to park our cars for the morning so we made some phone calls in the meantime. Nobody would answer though. at like 11, things cleared up enough so we could get out there. We did service at the YMCA afterwards and that was good. We had a lesson set up with an investigator but they canceled on us last minute. So we went tracting and were able to set up a lesson with a guy who is really interested! It was super great. We were out super late keeping busy, so we had dinner when we came back to the apartment.
On Wednesday, we did service at the nursing home and I wrecked at bingo this time! I got a blackout before everyone else so I got to pick out a prize from the prize box haha so I got a lavender air freshener!! It's a real luxury haha. After that, we got to go to the US Air Force Academy, or USAFA to meet with one of the cadet recent converts, Ben. We had a great lesson and were able to share with him the easter video that the church put out. WHICH is awesome, so you all should watch it here at There are also awesome sub-videos to watch too. He really liked the lesson and wants to share it with his nonmember friends:) afterwards, we got to go see the academy chapel on base which is beautiful! It's made for all people to worship in and is really cool.

Then we went with Gilbert to meet with this guy that we called on the phone. none of us knew him but we knew his name was Ahid. So met him at Panera Bread and he asked a lot of good questions. He is Muslim and had a hard time understanding some of the answers we gave him. It was good and he wants to meet with us again before he moves away from the Springs. Afterwards, Gilbert took us to this awesome place for dinner called Albertacos. It was a busy night!
On Thursday, we had to take some Elders to the dentist who were in a biking area. So while we waited for them there, we planned out our next week. We did a lot of stop bys in the afternoon and tried to contact those who they had been working with. Before dinner, we went to a lesson with Jhazmine and it was great! Her brother is getting more and more interested in the gospel! Dinner was with the Searings, who are the Just Serve missionaries. Their daughter Caroline was there as well as Elder Hagman and Elder Briggs who I haven't seen in a while! Then we went straight to institute and that was great. He was excited to hear that my dad does the same thing. Dom, Jhazmine's brother also showed up so that was great!!

On Saturday, we went to a park with all of the other YSA missionaries and contacted people there. We were able to get a new investigator there and that was so cool! beforehand we all had lunch at some taco trucks:) After that, we had a meeting with a lot of missionaries and President Rehm to help the YSA wards build their teaching pool. We got lists of all the YSA age people from everyone in our boundaries and are going to see if we can contact and invite them to YSA! This is going to be really good and President is expecting us to do good things with it. So we went out and got everything sorted out. Dinner was at our place late, so we stayed out working hard.

On Sunday, we had ward council in the morning and then church was afterwards! I got to meet a ton of people who are cadets at the academy and others who are in the Springs. Church was really great and we got to have some good spiritual upliftment. After church, we had some lessons with some sadets and then we went out with Gilbert and went tracting! We were able to hand out a Book of Mormon and it was a great experience for Gilbert. Dinner was out in Black Forest and so we drove out there and had a great dinner with the Lorenc family. It was a great week this week and we are looking forward to this next week too!
Thanks for all the support and I love you all!

Elder LaRose

6480 Honey Grove Apt. 105
Colorado Springs, CO 80923

Monday, April 3, 2017

WEEK #88 - Cheyenne Mountain YSA - TRANSFERRED! DL!

Hey everyone! It's been a pretty crazy week! My new address is 6480 Honey Grove apt. 105 Colorado Springs, CO 80923.
On Monday, I got to say goodbye to everyone in Pueblo. We had a good pday and met up at the church to play scatter ball. It was good to be around all my buds.

That night, we had a good last dinner with the Avery's and he is so close to going to the temple! Then we went and saw the Cooks to say goodbye. They were super sweet and got me a departing present. Then we went over to the Martins to say goodbye. I am really going to miss a lot of families in Pueblo.

On Tuesday, I got everything completely packed up and shoved it into the car. I traveled up with Elder Laga so I said my goodbyes to Elder Perrins. He will do great in the area. I got to see a bunch of people at transfers and got to say some goodbyes. Sister 'Iongi was going home which is really crazy to think about. Eventually I met my new companion! Elder Luker is from Idaho and has been out a little less than I have. I am super excited for it all. We went and did some service with Elder Henning and Elder Johannesson at the YMCA. We helped clean up around the gym. We had dinner with the Harlines. Brother Harline is in the bishopric for our ward. It was delicious.
On Wednesday, we had to go and take some elders to the mission office so they could get their phone fixed. After that, we went and did some service at an assisted living home and played some bingo with the tenants there. It seems pretty common for missionaries to do service at those places. Afterwards, we met with one of the recent converts Jhasmine. She is 19 and has been a member for a couple of months now. We talked about missionary work and discussed how she could share the gospel with those around her. We talked about her Brother and helping him come to activities and stuff. It was a great lesson. We had dinner at Village Inn with the Relief Society President, Kristina T. It was good because I got to meet a lot of the YSA sisters there too.
On Thursday, we went shopping because we had no groceries due to transfers. So we went to the store and Elder Luker picked up some medication because he was feelin pretty sick. After we had lunch, Elder Luker was not feeling good so he laid down to rest. While he was doing that I just had to keep myself busy so I started cleaning up the apartment. Dinner was with Mitch and Riley, two cool guys and they took us to a Japanese restaurant where we had sushi! This sushi wasn't as bad for me because there was no seaweed. We had shrimp, crab, and salmon sushi. It was delicious. We then went to the church and had a lesson with another recent convert Gilbert. We talked about missionary work and he is super fired up to share the gospel. So as YSA missionaries, we are supposed to go to all of the YSA activities because that's where people bring their friends. So we go to institute, FHE, and the mingles. There was supposed to be institute on Thursday but because it was spring break, there was none, so the YSA just met up and played some volleyball haha. It was a good time!
On Friday, We had a good District meeting! I am still a district leader and got to teach a whole new batch of people. In the district are, Elder Luker (my comp), Elder Johannesson, Elder Henning, Elder B. Smith, Elder Wallace, Sister Anderson (She goes home with me), and Sister McFarland (greenie). It is a super fun district!


 After that, we all had lunch at Wendy's. Then, Elder Luker and I went down to the southern part of springs to go and help Mike and Randi move from their apartment into their house! It was so good to see them again and it was good hard work. They rewarded us with pizza aferwards:) Every friday, there is a mingle and for this one, everyone was going to be learning Krav Maga! It's basically Israeli hand to hand combat. So we learned how to throw punches and what to do in certain situations haha it was super fun. Also Jhasmine brought her brother and he had a great time. Hopefully we can start teaching him soon.
On Saturday, we spent like the whole day watching general conference at the Pirazadeh's house with Gilbert too. It was so good! I love what was said by Gary B. Sabin when he said "We need to let go of the world so we can hang on to eternity." That was my highlight quote of the day for Saturday. The Priesthood session was awesome too I loved President Uchtdorf's talk in that one. He talked about selflessly serving. After Priesthood, we wanted to go to a Culver's for some ice cream. We were going to get in the car and as I was getting into Gilbert's yellow Prius, my pants ripped completely open haha. So we had to swing by the apartment so I could change.

We ended up going to a completely different culvers than we were planning to. There were a lot of Mormons there for the ice cream as tradition holds and it was crazy because we were in line and this lady asks if my family lives in Connecticut. I said yeah and she said that their family had met my dad when they were checking out Yale, but didn't know me. Well, because we were at this particular Culver's we were able to meet! Pretty crazy how it all works.
On Sunday, we watched more conference and got uplifted even more. It was good to see President Monson doing well. I liked the talk from Benjamin De Hoyos about letting your light shine and how to increase your light. Also, we got to hear from Elder Costa, who had just spoken in Pueblo when I was there only 3 months ago. His talk was awesome and was directed towards investigators. After conference, we went out and tried to contact people to teach. We met this man in the army at Memorial Park and got to talk to him about the Gospel! He accepted a Book of Mormon and we have his information to get in contact with him! He has a family so he won't attend the YSA ward. We will pass on the info to the missionaries in that area. We came home and made dinner for ourselves and then did call ins. It has been an awesome week and I hope that everyone had a great time watching conference. If you missed it, WATCH IT. Thanks for all the support and I love you all!

Elder LaRose

6480 Honey Grove Apt. 105
Colorado Springs, CO 80923