Wednesday, July 29, 2015


You're gonna get this on Friday because Friday is the day that I was assigned to write to everyone, do my laundry, and work out and prepare for these next couple of days. The fist day started off with me ditching mom and dad at the curb of the MTC. It was sad, but it only took about 40 seconds for me to get really excited for these next two years.

 Thanks to the family for the care package and the awesome letters! Its always nice to hear from you guys. I am a little surprised that the socks you guys picked out and sent were ones that I really like and don't look too bad! haha. After I received my name tag, got my room key, I went to the classroom that we have currently spent about 95% of our time in to meet my district and my companion. There are 3 pairs of elders and 2 pairs of sisters in our district and i love all of them already. We all seem to click and have a good time. They are from places like Idaho, California, Montana, Missouri, Utah, and Australia. My Companion is Elder Tallman from Idaho Falls, and we get along fantastically! He is almost the same height as me, loves sports and everything outdoors. We work really well with each other and look to each other for insight and teaching. On day one, we were thrown into a room of nearly 60 missionaries and were introduced to an actor, pretending to be someone we would teach. It was a little hectic because each of us teaches in different ways and the principles we were teaching became disjointed. So right from day one we were practicing teaching. On the second day, I woke up at 6 to shower before the wave of missionaries coming in at 6:30. we went to class after breakfast and studied for about four hours and learned from our teacher who is really great. We had gym time after that, but i had lost my ID card and couldn't really get anywhere. so about half of that gym time was cut in half looking for the card that I found in my suitcase. Elder Tallman and I went and played basketball with a bunch of other elders. I haven't recognized any familiar faces while here yet, but I am making lots of new friends and love being around all these people. Our teacher talked to my companion and I about a guy named Frank. Going off of what he told us, we were to formulate a lesson and know how we would address him. We decided to teach him of the restoration of the gospel through Joseph Smith and then focused on the knowledge that we have that God answers our prayers when we ask him, just as he answered Joseph Smith's. That night we met our Branch presidency, or the people who will be seeing over our district on Sundays. He is absolutely hilarious! he always has a huge smile on his face and is super friendly. My companion got assigned to be the District leader in the MTC and I was assigned to be the Senior companion for the rest of our time in the MTC. This morning during class, we were hit by a truck and were told that Frank, the person we were to prepare a lesson for, was there ready to be taught. So we taught Frank and actually felt pretty confident for a second day lesson. It is such a blessing being here in the MTC and i have learned more in two days than i have in 4 years of seminary and whatever else! (no offense Dad). I love you all and would love to keep hearing from you!
Love, Elder Kyler LaRose

Pictures aren't uploading right and i cant get them onto the email. I will figure out the problem and send them next week with even more!