Sunday, July 30, 2017

WEEK #104 - Cheyenne Mountain YSA - 10 DAYS LEFT!!! (says the MOM!)

**yes, this mom is excited!!
-6 Aug @ 11am, Monticello 1st Ward, Monticello, UT (Stake Center on Main Street) - Elder LaRose will do a Homecoming Testimony
-20 Aug @ 9:30 am, Madison Ward, Madison, CT - Elder LaRose will do his Homecoming Talk

WEEK #104
Hey everyone! time is short again this week.
On Monday, we went and hiked 7 bridges down in Cheyenne Canyon and it was great! We had a great time as a district there. Afterwards, we met Bishop at the church and had dinner with them. FHE was pretty fun! We were supposed to play capture the flag but because of the rain, we played volleyball.

On Tuesday, we did some service at the YMCA and afterwards went down south and contacted down there. We went to UCCS with a snow cone machine and got to hand out free snow cones to the students there! it was a great tactic because tons of people came and talked to us then. After that, we went to the church and started making dinner. We all decided that since Gilbert feeds the missionaries all the time, the missionaries would make him dinner instead! So we met Gilbert and the sisters at the church and had some pizza and wings. It was pretty good! We got to have a good talk with Gilbert too.
On Wednesday, we went to UCCS in the morning and had the snow cones again. We were able to meet a lot of people too! We went and played bingo and had a great time there. After a good lesson with Daniel DeFord, we had dinner delivered to us.
On Thursday, we went to the storehouse and helped out down there. We did some weekly planning and then went and did some finding! We had dinner and then went to institute which was really awesome. Brother Goss taught the lesson and we discussed the talk from Elder Holland about staying in the choir. We were having a good discussion and then he opened it up for everyone to bear their testimony about a hymn and then we would all sing a verse from that hymn. It was really great! I loved it a lot.
On Friday, we had a good district meeting that was taught by the zone leaders. We had the other district join us and that was good too. Afterwards, we did some finding Mt. Herman and then visited some of the family ward missionaries to coordinate YSA efforts with them. I got to see Elder Lloyd again out of that visit so it was good. We had a great dinner at Drifters with Kristin Mason and then had a good time at the mingle. We played this cool game called escape from Alcatraz. It was really fun.
On Saturday, I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and stayed in the area with Elder Williams and Elder Johannesson. We went to Canon City in the morning and ate for free at big burger world and got to see Elder Nelson. We talked with him about the YSAs and it was great. After that we went to memorial park and went contacting there. We showed up and there was a pro wake boarding contest going on and a ton of people there! I love how we plan to go somewhere and there is awesome stuff happening when we get there and tons of people for us to talk to. We were going around the park and there were some young guys playing basketball and so we went and asked if we could play! They said yes and we were able to play with them for a short time. Afterwards, we invited them all to the YSA and one of them accepted a Book of Mormon! It was great. We also got to run through a bouncy house that was set up haha. We met with more of the family ward missionaries too. We had dinner at the Jensens and had to drive up to Larkspur to get to their house. It was a YSA social for the Mt. Herman ward and we got to talk to a lot of people. At the table we were at, we shared a ton of funny mission stories and life stories with the people there and had good laughs.
On Sunday, We had good meeting in the morning and then had a good time at church. After church, there was a linger longer and we got to have some good taco salad and talk with some of the people that came! We had a less active member show up and that was great. We went contacting at cottonwood park for a little bit and then headed back to the church to have a lesson with Mac, a new person that was passed on to us by some sisters. Dinner was with Sarah Baker, Amiera, and Daniel Alworth. They are all awesome and we had great home made pizza. It was a really great week Love you all!

Elder Kyler LaRose

Elder LaRose

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