Tuesday, July 18, 2017

WEEK #103 - Cheyanne Mountain YSA

Hey Everyone! This week has been pretty awesome. We don't have much time today so I will keep things pretty short!
On Monday, We went and hiked Mt. Herman and that was really fun. That is such a beautiful hike and this was my 3rd time doing it. I got to set up my hammock at the top too and chillax for a little bit.

We came back and had dinner with Sterling and it was great! FHE was really fun too. We met individually as wards and made ward flags or banners for next week's capture the flag activity.
On Tuesday, we went and got free slurpees because it was 7/11 day. We got to go to the YMCA and paint fences and then we took Elder Johns to an urgent care because his toe was hurting. Turns out that he broke it! So that was interesting! We had dinner at Brother Arnold's and then went to a rodeo parade that was happening in downtown Springs and got to talk to a lot of people there!
On Wednesday, we had a busy day and we drove around the whole city that day. We had interviews with President Stevenson and it was really good! He shared an awesome scripture with me that is about finishing strong. We went and had a transition lesson with the sisters for a Less active member that is really awesome that moved into our ward. We had dinner with Arien and then later that night met with Gilbert and that was a really good talk.
On Thursday, we went and did service at the Bishop's Storehouse and then were asked to help some sisters move out of their apartment because they got bed bugs. After that we did some planning and then had dinner at the church with Lexi Chatterly and Laura Coke. They made us some awesome fajitas. Institute was really good too.

On Friday, we had a good district meeting with everyone and talked about obedience! Afterwards, we went to UCCS and went contacting. We got info from two people there and they are really awesome so we hope that it goes somewhere! We did some finding and then had dinner with Evan McHardy. He is super awesome and dinner was great. For the mingle, we went to cottonwood park and played some games there. We played soccer and it started raining and we got soaked which was super fun:) We went back to the church and played volleyball because of the weather.
On Saturday, We had lunch with Gilbert in the morning and it was awesome. We went contacting that afternoon at Cottonwood because we had heard that there was a disc golf tournament going on there. We then drove to Woodland Park and met with the missionaries out there and stopped by some YSAs they knew! We were able to meet some of them too! We had dinner with the Martellaro's from Pueblo!! It was so great to see them. They picked up Elder Perrins too and brought him along so it was like a reunion haha. We also saw the Thomsons there too! It was so crazy.
On Sunday, We had a great time at church and had a couple of nonmembers there! After church, we went contacting with Gilbert and I had to ride in his trunk haha.

 Dinner was with Miriam, Kelly, and Amiera! It was a lot of fun being there with them. We had a good lesson with them and then did a couple of mad libs with them and they are hillarious:) It was a great week
Thanks for all the support and I will talk to all of you next week!

Elder Kyler LaRose

Elder LaRose

6480 Honey Grove Apt. 105
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