Tuesday, May 30, 2017

WEEK #96 - Cheyenne Mountain YSA

WEEK #96

Hey everyone! This has been another great week!
On Monday, we all went to the park to play some games. First off, we played a little bit of soccer, next we played ultimate frisbee but we didn't have a frisbee so we used a football instead. Then I broke out the flags for some good flag football and we ended our pday with some basketball. Right towards the end, it started to rain and the concrete got really slippery so we decided that we probably shouldn't have any broken ankles. Dinner was up in Black Forest with the Harlines and we had amazing homemade pizza. We got to help make it too. We made a couple different kinds like barbecue chicken, pepperoni, and a basil margarita. It was like having homemade Pepe's pizza from Connecticut. For FHE, we were combined with the Mt. Herman ward and had a good spiritual lesson before the activity. For the activity, we actually made dream catchers! Haha mine isn't too bad but you can definitely tell that I am a rookie. It was really fun!
On Tuesday, we had a good time at the YMCA doing service. We helped clean up the track area by wiping down the railings, cleaning the windows, and vacuuming the floor of the track. After that, we did a lot of stop bys and were able to get in contact with a few people, but not much of them were home.  We spent a lot of time driving from place to place as well. That's something that I have noticed in this area, because we have such large boundaries, it takes time for us to get to our appointments. It's alright because Elder Nelson and I have good sing offs in the car. We went to what is certainly the most sketchy apartment complex in out area. There is like caution tape around the property, it always smells like weed, and everything else. We were able to have a retry good discussion with this one lady who wanted to ring her family to church so we gave her all of the information. We also met this younger guy who is in a pretty rough place and wants to get better. He showed us his arms and there were tons of scars in every direction from him cutting himself. It was pretty humbling. Hopefully we can help him get back on his feet. We had dinner on our own that night and later we went and exchanged with the Mt. Herman elders.
On Wednesday, I was with Elder Johannesson in my area for the day. In the morning, we did our studies together and that was awesome as always. It was graduation day at the United States Air Force Academy and so there was going to be a flyover and then an air show by the Thunderbirds for the graduates. We met up with our district and watched them perform! It seemed like all of Colorado Springs was standing just off the highway to watch them as well. It was super cool to watch. After watching the Thunderbirds, we went to the turner house and it to play bingo with all of them. They really do enjoy us coming over and they are all growing on me haha. Afterwards, we were able to go and do some finding around an apartment complex. Elder Johannesson and I were able to have a really good time there where we were able to have really effective approaches with the people we taught. We found a new investigator named Joseph that we really hope to see progress. For dinner, we met the other missionaries at a park and had some hot dogs. They weren't too bad. We drove down to fountain after that and stopped by a less active member Emily. We had a really great talk with her! We didn't know anything about her going into it and so we were able to really see how the spirit guided our conversation. It was really cool to be a part of! She is having a hard time coming because of her work schedule and schooling. She told us that she really wants to go to the temple as well! We are really glad that we were able to have such a good talk with her and it was all on their front porch! The drive back from fountain was pretty long but we made it back and then exchanged back with our companions.

On Thursday, we went to UCCS in the morning and got to talk to a lot of people there! We met one girl named Sammie who really loved hearing about the Book of Mormon and wants to come to the activities with her friend too! It was really cool. After that, we went and weekly planned for a good while. We had another lesson with Joseph at his apartment and his girlfriend was there. They were smoking weed in front of us but we were still able to teach and testify. I think that's a good example of standing in holy places. Where we were standing physically and the environment around us was definitely not holy, however, the message that we carry and our own testimony allowed us to bring the influence of the Spirit into that setting. We had dinner with Josh and his family as well as the other family ward missionaries that were over there. So there were 5 of us missionaries over at their home. We went to institute later that night and it was great. We have been having some great lessons and I always love going.
On Friday, we had a pretty good district meeting. We learned about hope and motivation from Sister Anderson and she did a great job. We had lunch after that and then called a ton of people and set up a good amount of lessons. We were able to meet with Ron finally! He actually took us out for lunch and we were able to have a good lesson with him there. He is fairly new to the Springs and hasn't been coming to church that often. He doesn't have a car so when he gets one he hopes to make it to church regularly. We had dinner with Gilbert at Chick-fil-a and that was great. Gilbert is a superstar. For the mingle, we played volleyball and Ron came to that too! It was really fun because some Polynesians came and they always make things a good time. As we were racing the sisters home, we got water balloons and threw them at their car haha. I actually made one in their window too!

On Saturday, We had Daniel's baptism!! It was so great to be there for that. Daniel is like the most prepared individual ever. The baptism was really cool! Elder Nelson and I got to be witnesses. It was awesome. After the baptism, we went downtown with the other YSA missionaries and hopped in and out of stores talking to people. We were able to hand out a couple of copies of the Book of Mormon too! We then drove all the way out to Peyton, Colorado for dinner and that was great! Afterwards, we got a call from the sisters. Sister McFarland has been not feeling very well for a little while. She has been throwing up a lot so we went with them to the ER to figure things out. We notified President Rehm and he asked us to stay there with them until things were good. So we stayed there until pretty late when she was let go. They weren't able to much of anything for her. The meds they gave her didn't take away the pain. So we just went home and crashed because it was late.

On Sunday, we had a great time at church! Daniel was confirmed and we got to stand in the circle for that. However, we missed the sacrament in our ward! So after church, we were able to get permission to administer the sacrament to ourselves! That was really cool. Elder Nelson gave a talk in sacrament meeting on Family History and it was really good! Afterwards, we had a good lesson with Miriam about missionary work:) Then we went to Memorial Park because of the holiday weekend and talked to a lot of the people that were over there. Dinner was down south with Mike and Randi!! It was so good to see them again and to have a good time there. They fed us good hamburgers haha. That night, we got a call from the sisters asking for a blessing. Sister McFarland got news that she would be heading home to better figure out her medical issues :( We were pretty bummed to hear that. She is a great missionary and brings a lot of joy to the people around her. We gave her a blessing and then headed home. She leaves on Thursday morning this week. Keep her in your prayers please! Thanks for all the support from everyone! I love you all!

Elder LaRose

6480 Honey Grove Apt. 105

Colorado Springs, CO 80923

Monday, May 22, 2017

WEEK #95 - Cheyenne Mountain YSA

Hey everyone!! Another great week has gone by so quickly.
On Monday, we had a great day fishing with the whole district! We got our licenses and went to Pikeview Reservoir which is in the Springs. We weren't that prepared so we just went with it and fished. We didn't catch anything but we saw some huge fish come close to the shore. After we were done fishing, we went to this river and walked along it and hopped across the shallow parts. It was fun to be with everyone and hang out. 

As we were wrapping up, I saw that the sisters had left their car keys on the ground and so I picked them up and hid them. They were looking all over for them and we told them that maybe somebody had stolen their car. So I went with Elder Nelson to "check" if their car was still in the parking lot while they kept looking for the keys. So we made our way over there and I got in their car and drove it around the corner and parked it behind a fence out of sight. As I was coming back to the parking lot. I saw that they were right there and so I hid the keys behind my back ad said "I didn't see it over there!" Sister Anderson and Sister McFarland started freaking out and called the vehicle coordinator. Right when the coordinator answered the phone, I held up the keys and smiled. They started laughing and then were mad at us. It was a good one. We all went to a park after that to hang out. For dinner we went to Drifters, which is a pretty good burger place that reminds me of In-N-Out. Then we had FHE where we had a good lesson and then met everyone in the gym and had giant rounds of musical chairs. Then we also played chair soccer and that was pretty fun. It was a good night. Also, whenever we are driving back from an activity at the church, we race the sisters to a certain point where they have to turn. We usually try to throw different things in their windows as we go. This time, Elder Nelson and I went to the dollar store and bought water squirters. So as they got parallel with us, we pulled out the squirters and soaked them haha.

On Tuesday, we went to the YMCA for service and this time, Elder J. Smith was there on exchanges with Elder Henning. We had a pretty good time here and they tasked us with breaking down some risers and saving the metal pieces in a pile. After that, we went and knocked some doors down in southern Springs. We had a lot of success there! We handed out about 6 or 7 copies of the Book of Mormon and were able to find 5 new investigators. Only 2 of them were YSA age but we are trying to help all of them out. It was pretty awesome! We went to the mission office after that and talked to Sister Stoker about getting more miles for the YSA missionaries. We have all been pretty tight on miles because we are working pretty hard. For dinner, we went over to the Churchill's because Elder Nelson had served in their ward before. It was good to see them and they made us some great food. It was a great day.

On Wednesday, we met up as a district in the morning and played soccer in the gym at the church for our workout. Later, we had interviews with President Rehm and that was cool. It was actually my last interview with him before he and Sister Rehm go home. It was a good interview and I actually renewed my temple recommend there. Crazy to think that it has been two years since I was issued that recommend. After interviews, we went to the Turner House and played a couple rounds of Bingo with everyone. We had a lesson with an investigator but they cancelled on us so we cleaned up our apartment a little bit. Then we met up with the Mt. Herman Elders and drove down to the Broadmoor area to go and teach Daniel! Daniel is doing awesome. He is still flying through the Book of Mormon and loves every bit of it. We taught him the lesson on the gospel of Jesus Christ and it was great. The spirit was there pretty strong. Then daniels friend Andy, who is a little bipolar came and sat in the lesson and just started roasting us for no reason. It was all pretty funny and we had a good laugh about it. We were coming back from the lesson a little late and then realized that we had left our phone where we were teaching Daniel. We were already late for our dinner so we decided to wait to go and get it. When we showed up to our car, we discovered it covered in whipped cream that was smeared over the windshield and side windows. There was also peanut butter under our door handles. The sisters got us back pretty good because it came at like the worst time ever. We were late to dinner already with the bishop, we didn't have a phone to call him, and we had to hunt in the church for his address. We finally made it over there and had a great dinner and lesson. Afterwards, we went and met with the Porters who are YSA representatives for the High Plains stake. It was a pretty good night.
On Thursday, we woke up to a good amount of snow! The weather here is definitely bipolar. We drove down to Fountain in the morning because we had another lesson with an investigator we had met on Tuesday. When we got there he said that it wasn't a good time. So we stopped by a couple more people and knocked on some doors in that area. We had a good discussion with this one lady that we met. She initially wasn't too interested in what we had to say but as we were persistent and kept the conversation going, the topic turned to Family History of all things. She was actually really interested in that and we were able to direct her in that direction! So glad that we stayed there and kept talking to her. We came back up north after that and stopped by a potential investigator Lilly. She was really awesome and had a ton of great questions that we answered on her doorstep. She is really religious but open to learn more, which is wonderful of her. Our dinner was super far away that night so we called Gilbert up and he picked us up at the church and drove us down there. Dinner was with this Brazilian girl who is here on some sort of stay with families in the Springs. She cooks us this amazing Brazilian dish that had beef with bacon and cheese inside and then bacon wrapped around the outside. It was so amazing. We headed back up north for institute but found out that it was cancelled because of the weather. So we talked with Gilbert for a while and then headed back home.
On Friday, we had a good district meeting in the morning and I got to teach. We talked about having effective studies. I used the head, heart, and feet lesson and it was really good for everyone. After that, we went to UCCS to go contacting there and it was great! we had a lot good conversations with people. Elder Nelson and I talked to this one man for a while and had a great discussion. He didn't want to investigate but I felt that we helped him to feel the spirit. We did some more finding after that and then went and had dinner with Michael down south. Marly face timed us to say hi and we had a good time there. After dinner, we went to the Mingle and had a great time. It was a pinewood derby and we made a car! it was super bad and only won one race. But it was alright.
On Saturday, it was a pretty long day. All day, we hopped from apartment complex to apartment complex trying to find people to teach but nobody was home or interested. It was pretty discouraging. For dinner we went to Applebees thanks to Nana and Papa! It was delicious. Afterwards, we got to go to a fireside and hear Sister Elaine S. Dalton speak! She walked in the room and came up to us missionaries and thanked us. She gave a great talk.
On Sunday, we had church at 9:00 and it was one of my favorite sacrament meetings. There were amazing talks given and Sister Dalton came and attended our sacrament meeting. After church, we all went to the Air Force Academy Chapel for the second annual LDS Baccalaureate service. It was super cool to hear Sister Dalton speak in that chapel. 

Also, keep an eye out on the Church news because I might be in a picture with the other missionaries and some cadets. The photographer snagged a couple pictures of us. We all went contacting and had a pretty good time there. Then we had to drive to Black Forest for dinner and had delicious Salmon at the Lorenc's. it was a great week in the end. I love all of you and hope that you have a great week too!

Elder LaRose

6480 Honey Grove Apt. 105

Colorado Springs, CO 80923

Monday, May 15, 2017

WEEK #94 - Cheyenne Mountain YSA

Hey everyone! Hope y'all had a great Mother's Day! It has been an awesome week.
On Monday, we all went ice blocking! It was so much fun. We went and bought ice blocks at King Soopers and then went to Cottonwood Park to slide down the hills. We had races, made trains, and slid down in creative ways. It was awesome.

Afterwards, Gilbert took us to the Ultimate Buffet again for Elder Luker's last meal in the area. It was good but this time I didn't eat any raw oysters. We went to FHE afterwards and it was awesome! We actually met an investigator that showed up with his friend there and his name is Daniel. Daniel said that he really loves our church and how we treat others and hopes to be a part of it! That was way cool. For the activity, we had to figure out how to unlock a tablet using clues that were placed around the room. We competed with another room and our room was able to figure it all out first haha. Daniel seemed to have a good night as well.
On Tuesday, it was transfer day and so Elder Luker packed up all of his stuff and we lugged it down to the Aeroplaza building. I got to see a ton of people there and it was great! I then met Elder Nelson and we drove back to our place to drop off his luggage. We then went and did some service at the YMCA and it was pretty cool. There were some members playing basketball in the gym and so when we finished cleaning, they invited us to play a quick game. We held our own pretty well too. After that, Elder Nelson unpacked and then we went shopping so he could have stuff to eat. Elder Nelson is awesome! He is from San Diego, California and started his mission just after I did. I am excited for this next transfer. We also pranked the sisters pretty good. We found a toilet by a dumpster and put nasty potatoes and dog poop inside haha it was pretty awesome.
On Wednesday, we did our studies and had lunch and then went to the turner house and played bingo with all of them there! They really liked having Elder Nelson there too haha. Afterwards, we went to an apartment complex and knocked on some doors for a while we were able to find a few potential investigators and that was great!

We also threw in something new to mix things up. If the person was clearly not interested, then at the end of the conversation we would ask them if we could take a picture with them! Most people said no but we got pictures with two people haha.

We had dinner on our own and it was pretty good. I made myself a good quesadilla.
On Thursday, we went to the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) to go contacting! We are only allowed to had out stuff in the one part of campus that is labeled as the "free speech area." It was actually really effective and we had a ton of great conversations! After that, we did our weekly planning and then took some time to go finding. Dinner was with Bobby Vail and Sara Cochran and that was awesome. Elder Nelson and bobby are from the same town haha. We went to institute afterwards and that was great.
On Friday, we had a pretty good district meeting and then went to Wendy's afterwards.

Later in the afternoon, we had another lesson with Daniel and that was awesome! We brought our Ward Mission Leader with us and it was great. He told us that he wants to be baptized a member of this church! He has already been reading the Book of Mormon with his friend and they are already in Jarom or something like that. Haha he is absolutely golden. We had a great lesson about the restoration and before we left, he asked us if he could have a priesthood blessing. That was cool too. We went to dinner with Mormon Redd after that and got to meet one of his nonmember friends. His friend wasn't interested but we still had a good talk. We left the restaurant and realized that Mormon had given us a ride. He had to stay and figure out some USAFA stuff with his friend and so we ended up walking back to our car. Luckily it wasn't too far away from where we parked haha. The mingle that night was pretty alright, there weren't a while lot of people there, but Daniel came and loved it. We played volleyball and chatted.
On Saturday, all the YSA missionaries met up and went contacting at this really cool park called Fox Run park. We were able to talk to a good amount of people and got to talk to two people from Saudi Arabia! It was good. Later we met with Dakota Nelson and talked about some of the people he is inviting to church. He is a stud and is preparing for his mission. We also took out another cadet who is preparing for a mission out tracting with us. It was pretty good! We met a couple of people who asked us to come back at another time. We then drove to Black Forest and helped Brother Lorenc around his yard. We were also invited to a graduation party and that was good for us to go to and talk with people. I remember going to graduation parties in Castle Rock last year. Dinner was down south with Taylor T. And that was pretty good! We had yummy lettuce wraps. On our way back home, we had an idea to prank the sisters with and so we did haha. We got a small nasty watermelon and smashed it on the ground and then put it all over their car. We also put salami on their windows haha. Also, while we were getting the supplies, Elder Nelson used the bathroom in Safeway and saw a phone number that said "call for a good time." So we texted it to the sisters and told them it was a referral and to call it. The funny thing is, was when they did call it, it was actually a college student who had met missionaries like a month ago and was interested in learning more!! So moral of the story is prank wars lead to new investigators! Haha.

On Sunday, we had PEC in the morning and then met with Daniel again before church. We taught about the Plan of Salvation and the Word of Wisdom. He is so prepared it is awesome. Church was really good and there were some great talks about mothers. After church, we went straight to the Allreds in Monument to Skype! It was so great to see my family and it is weird to think that that is the last video call that I will have! It was so good to talk. Dinner was at the Lorenc's and it was great. Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers out there as well! I am so grateful for my mom and all she does for me even through all the embarrassment she puts me through.

Have a great week everyone!! Love you

Elder LaRose

6480 Honey Grove Apt. 105
Colorado Springs, CO 80923

Monday, May 8, 2017

WEEK #93 - Cheyenne Mountain YSA

Hey Everyone! Another great week has gone by.
On Monday we had a great day. We woke up and met the whole zone at the church and did a workout. The new all went and had breakfast at Denny's. After that, everyone drove up to the Mt. Herman trail head. Our little cars did pretty well up the dirt road to get there, The hike was way fun. It wasn't too hard and it was great to be with everyone. At the top there is a geocache and I brought a Book of Mormon with me to put inside. At the top, we had a little bit of a snowball fight and then came back down the mountain.

We drove back to the Springs and had lunch with a member before we went and emailed. None of the YSA missionaries had dinner that night so we all met up at Texas Roadhouse and ate there. Sister Anderson and I decided to have a roll eating contest and so before our food came out, we both downed 11 and 1/2 rolls. At that point we just called it a tie and then picked at our actual food. FHE was alright, there weren't too many people who came so we talked with people outside. I was able to give Sister McFarland a blessing too. Afterwards we went to the zone leaders house and exchanged with them. I went with Elder Henning in his area.
On Tuesday, we had a lesson in the morning with some of their investigators and they are super awesome. It was a great lesson. After we did service at the YMCA, we went out to Black forest to contact a couple of people. We got chased by some dogs and that was fun haha. Dinner was with a less active family and it was great for us to be there.Elder Henning and I have been thinking of different ways to mess around with people and it has been cracking us up. So at dinner, I purposely left a piece of food on my mouth and carried on a conversation with the mom. I could totally tell that she kept glancing down at my mouth to see what was on there. Haha Elder Henning was about to lose it and start laughing. We exchanged back after that and Elder Luker and I had time to go and contact some people so we went and were able to invite a guy to the YSA!

On Wednesday, we had service at the Turner house where we played bingo. We were able to do a ton of stop bys that day and had a little bit of success. We went and tracted some places and everyone was mean. Gilbert was also with us and afterward took us to dinner. We ate at Red Robin and then headed to the church so Elder Luker could work on some paperwork of his.
On Thursday, we spent a lot of the day at the Air Force Academy. Since it was May 4th we saw star wars characters there and got pictures.

We had a lot of lessons with active cadets and also did our weekly planning on base. Our dinner canceled but Kristin Mason helped us out and got us some food haha.
On Friday, we had a great district meeting and then the whole district did the Caprisun challenge. The goal is to drink 15 Caprisuns in 15 minutes without throwing up. So we all did it and EVERYONE threw up haha it was so bad. I drank 13 and 1/2 before I threw up but then drank the others. It was terrible in the moment but looking back now it was pretty funny.

We did some finding afterward and were able to find another YSA investigator for our ward! After meeting with some more cadets at the academy, we went to the mingle and mingled.
Saturday was really great! I got to go to the Temple with Elder Stark, Sister House, Sister Topham, and Michael and Marly! It was their first time going so we were all pumped. They picked all of us up from our different locations and we went all the way up.

We were late to the Temple because we had to stop and fix a flat tire. But they were understanding and we were able to do their family names. It was so much fun being around all of them. We got back really late that night too.
On Sunday, we had ward council in the morning, and a great time at church. We found out that Elder Luker was going to get transferred so he started packing up all of his stuff while I studied and cleaned. Dinner was with Jhazmine, Taylor, and Mormon (yes his name is Mormon). Afterwards we went to the Work of Salvation Fireside and saw a ton of people. It was such a good meeting. Probably one of my favorites to go to.
Thanks for all the support! My new companion's name is Elder Nelson and he is pretty cool so I am way excited. Have a great week!

Elder LaRose

6480 Honey Grove Apt. 105
Colorado Springs, CO 80923

Monday, May 1, 2017

WEEK #92 - Cheyenne Mountain YSA

Hey everyone! This week has gone by so fast!
On Monday, we had a great pday. We met up at a park in our area and played some sports. We played flag football for a little bit and that was fun. The field was a little wet from the rain that we have been receiving and one time, I had the ball and was going to juke the other way but ended up slipping hard and falling on my back haha it was pretty funny. Then some kids from one of the family wards came to play with us and we ended up playing soccer for a good while too. It was awesome.

We had dinner with Sterling Thompson at Chipotle and that was good. I am getting more used to having lessons in places like that since we get taken out a lot in YSA. We went to FHE afterwards and watched all the videos that had been put together a couple weeks ago. Ours was pretty lame but it all worked out and everyone had a good time. Jasmine brought her brother Dom to the activity so it was awesome to have an investigator there.
On Tuesday, we had service at the YMCA where we washed windows and scrubbed walls in the pool area. It reminded me of working as a lifeguard haha. We then had to go and run an errand for the sisters and grab a jacket that was left at the mission office. After that, we went and did some drop bys with Evan McHardy in Black Forest. We were able to find out some more stuff about one of the guys we are trying to contact by talking to his dad who was working outside the house when we pulled up. The dad basically said that he was totally fine with us getting in contact with his son and that he needed a message from us haha. The other people we went by weren't home and actually one of the new move ins put their address as the church building out there so we don't actually know where they live. We came back and dropped off the jacket to the sisters ad ended up having dinner over there. We had a lesson at the church later that night and were able to meet with a member to go over our YSA lists. It was a good night.
(another doorstep prank)

On Wednesday, we went and tried to contact Alex and Samm, some potential investigators that the missionaries had contacted before I got to the area. We were able to meet their mother so that was a step closer. Then we went and played bingo with everyone at the Turner House. They are pretty overly passionate about bingo. When we got there, they were saying that they had been talking about bingo for the past two days haha. But it is good to see that they look forward to us coming by. We then left and headed down to fountain to go and do some visits with Talon. We went and visited Cody, who we had met last week, but he wasn't there for our appointment. So we went and visited some other people that he knew. After that, we went and had dinner with Spencer Pirzadeh and it was great. He is a pretty funny guy to be around. He told us about a coworker that has been asking him some questions and so hopefully that will develop further and we will be able to start teaching her. We went and had another great lesson with Dennis and the APs. Unfortunately, it was the last lesson that Elder Luker and I will go to since he is not YSA. The spirit was so strong in the lesson and I really hope we see him progress. We taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he truly wants to get what he can from us. He feels thy God truly led us to him so that he could learn something important from us. It was a great lesson.
On Thursday, we had interviews with President Rehm and that is always fun. I asked him if he could approve us going to volunteer at a mud run that will be happening in June haha. He said that he might. SO fingers crossed!! We had a lesson with a member that was really pointless. We asked her if we could meet to talk about missionary work and about the friends she would like to share the gospel with. She said yes and we were super excited, but then at the lesson she said she didn't have friends that she could share the gospel with. So that was a bummer but she said that she is available to teach with us when we have lessons. After that, we did some weekly planning and then Elder Luker got food poisoning and had to lay down for a bit. Dinner was with Lauren and it was great. We had awesome discussions about Charity to help her with some kind of performance that she wants to put on. Afterwards we had institute and I always love it.
Friday we had an awesome district meeting. I love our district a lot. Afterwards, I went on exchanges with Elder Wallace in Mt. Herman. We had a pretty good day, they had only stop bys planned and so we did that and then went and did some street contacting in Manitou Springs. We came back for the mingle and it was really fun! We sang Karaoke and all the missionaries got up and sang a couple of songs haha. We sang "I've Got a Dream" from Tangled and "Jesus Take the Wheel" by Carrie Underwood. It was awesome.

On Saturday, I was still with Elder Wallace and it had snowed on us pretty good. We still manned up and went tracting for most of the morning. Luckily, the apartment complex was indoors so we stayed warm. We exchanged back that afternoon and then went out with Gilbert. Afterwards, we went and had dinner with him at the ultimate buffet. It was a Chinese buffet and it was great. I tried the sushi and some of it wasn't that bad! Maybe I'm warming up to it. However, I am not warming up to oysters! They had raw oysters there and Gilbert likes them and made me try one. It literally didn't get past half of my tongue before I was gagging and dry heaving. I couldn't put it down and spit it back on my plate. So nasty.
On Sunday, We had a good ward council and church was good. All 3 YSA wards were combined for this one because the cadet choir was performing. We had some less actives come to church and that was pretty awesome. We met with Michael Elliott after church and had a good lesson with him. For dinner, none of the YSA missionaries had anyone sign up, so we all met at the church and brought what we had with us. I cooked some pork sirloins that I had bought. As we were cooking, we saw these two YSA people through the window making out in their car haha. It was so awkward. Then one of the missionaries drove up next to them and parked the car so that is was awkward even more. YSA is weird but super great.

It has been a great week and hopefully this week will be great too! love you all and thanks for the support!!

Elder LaRose

6480 Honey Grove Apt. 105
Colorado Springs, CO 80923